Library Visit Number Two in Birmingham, AL!

Just a ten minute drive over to this reading/workshop! It was nice turn out with about 10 kids who giggled at the way Charlie made art out of old found objects and then were thrilled to make their own “Charlie art” by gluing buttons, fabric, puzzle pieces, and string onto paper bags. Some made trees, but others saw the paper lunch bags and got the idea to make puppets out of them! Then our friend, Nancy, gave us the idea to create gardens out of all the materials, just like the garden that Kathryn and Charlie had growing between their houses. Great idea! We’ll try that one out next. Thanks so much to the Birmingham Public Library and Vincent, the children’s librarian, for a great second workshop of the tour! Next stop is Scottsboro, TN! Here are some shots from the morning:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


About Kerry Madden

Kerry writes books for kids and teaches creative writing. Her books include: Offsides, Writing Smarts, Gentle's Holler, Louisiana's Song, Jessie's Mountain, Up Close Harper Lee, and Nothing Fancy About Kathryn and Charlie. She writes essays for the LA Times among other places and divided her life between Birmingham and Los Angeles. Her newest book, Ernestine's Milky Way, will be published by Schwartz & Wade (Random House) in 2019. She is on the faculty at Antioch's Low Residency MFA Program and the Director of Creative Writing at UAB.
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One Response to Library Visit Number Two in Birmingham, AL!

  1. Irene Latham says:

    What a wonderful adventure you’re having! I love the pictures, and the art the kids are creating is fantastic! Wouldn’t KTW be proud. xo

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