Library VIsit Number Three in Scottboro, AL on the “Nothing Fancy” Tour! :)

Today was Scottsboro! Lucy’s a morning person, and Norah is not, although you will see by the first picture of the beautiful milkshake from Payne’s Drugstore on the town square that Norah had definitely revived herself with chocolate and maraschino cherries. Setting out, the GPS said one thing, and the I-Phone map said another, and because traffic was crazy through Birmingham with I-20 closed, we opted for the back-roads to Scottsboro, arriving at 9:59 for 10:00 a.m. workshop. YIKES! But the kids were ready and waiting – around 25 or so, and after telling some stories about Kathryn & Charlie being storycatchers and artists, the kids created everything from trees to gardens to the Hulk to flying cars to grape vines to tire swings to tomato plants to grape arbors with purple buttons to wrangling cowboys. They were such a great group of kids ranging from age three to sixteen with adults in the back listening too. I do believe this is the most fun book tour I’ve had getting to travel with both my daughters.

But we have realized that the only thing we’re missing is that we don’t have any hair combs. Kathryn always led “Comb Concerts” at the Selma Dallas County Public Library, so we’re making a visit to the store tonight for more buttons and some wax paper and hair combs to see if we can’t get the kids to play some music too. Here is an interview with Kathryn talking about playing the combs.

Tomorrow is the Hale County Public Library in Greensboro, which is the “Catfish Capital” of Alabama.

And guess who made a surprise visit to the workshop with kisses all around? 













About Kerry Madden

Kerry writes books for kids and teaches creative writing. Her books include: Offsides, Writing Smarts, Gentle's Holler, Louisiana's Song, Jessie's Mountain, Up Close Harper Lee, and Nothing Fancy About Kathryn and Charlie. She writes essays for the LA Times among other places and divided her life between Birmingham and Los Angeles. Her newest book, Ernestine's Milky Way, will be published by Schwartz & Wade (Random House) in 2019. She is on the faculty at Antioch's Low Residency MFA Program and the Director of Creative Writing at UAB.
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3 Responses to Library VIsit Number Three in Scottboro, AL on the “Nothing Fancy” Tour! :)

  1. Janis Madden says:

    Loving this journey. Daddy and I read this blog tonight. Is Lady Olive putting on a few lbs? I am glad you took her. She brings much festivie energy to the mix. Wish I were there with you all.

  2. Logan says:

    WOW, great pictures! Looks like the tour is off to a great start. I’m inspired to finally get my copy of the book, AND to have a chocolate milkshake for breakfast.

  3. I’m so glad you guys made it! Sorry I missed it! Good to see so many people in the photos that I know!!!!!!!!

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