First Library Visit in Trussville, AL!

Even though we gave ourselves more than enough time to make it up to Trussville, traffic made us about twenty minutes late! We figured that the first visit couldn’t be perfect in order for the bar to not be set too high for the rest of the trip… that makes sense, right? Anyway, the visit itself went over very well! After talking about the book, we introduced our new art project! We had the kids create trees out of paper bags, buttons, puzzle pieces, string, pastels, and markers. The idea was to mimic Charlie’s style of collecting found objects and turning them into bits of art and it proved to be a hit! Thank you Laura and Maura, the lovely librarians who set the tour off on a fabulous foot! Next we have Birmingham then Scottsboro! Here are some pictures of us chatting and making trees: ImageImageImageImageImageImage


About Kerry Madden

Kerry writes books for kids and teaches creative writing. Her books include: Offsides, Writing Smarts, Gentle's Holler, Louisiana's Song, Jessie's Mountain, Up Close Harper Lee, and Nothing Fancy About Kathryn and Charlie. She writes essays for the LA Times among other places and divided her life between Birmingham and Los Angeles. Her newest book, Ernestine's Milky Way, will be published by Schwartz & Wade (Random House) in 2019. She is on the faculty at Antioch's Low Residency MFA Program and the Director of Creative Writing at UAB.
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